Our Goal

  • Our products will aid communities in living healthier lives on a daily basis and during natural disasters.

  • We are designing products that our partners can build and maintain themselves.

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The NDP Pump and Filter Team is working on a pump and filter for an impoverished community in La Guajira. Our goal is to provide each person on average 30 liters of water a day to a community of around 250. Also the main reservoir used for water dries up, so the filter must be easy to transport. This project is made easier with the help of our project partner. 

José Quintero 

Professor and Mechanical Engineer

Universidad de la Guajira 


Teams currently active in Spring 2022

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Water Filtration

The Water Filtration team is designing a water filter that will be implemented in households in a developing community. This community, called Carpinello, located outside of Medellin, Colombia, does not have consistent access to clean water, which is essential for a healthy life. The filter they design will allow the households to build a system that will provide them with safe water to use for drinking, cooking, bathing, and cleaning. This team has built the filter and is completing a soft delivery and sharing their manual's at the end of the semester.

The Water Filtration team was fortunate enough to receive a grant from the IEEE SIGHT program. Their support has given our project the potential to aid even more people and make our filters more affordable to them. We are extremely grateful for their support!

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Puerto Rico Community Improvement

The Puerto Rico Community Improvement project is using GQIS technology to map solar systems and capabilities for a community in Puerto Rico for use as an energy planning tool.  This will help other non-governmental organizations and partners who would want to work with this community to have all the information necessary to aid the community in their solar power needs. 

Not currently active


Natural disasters often result in prolonged loss of power, which can be problematic for medicine and other perishable items. The Refrigeration team is designing a refrigeration unit that runs without external power. They are hoping to achieve this by altering the design of an existing small cooler. Their design will ensure that valuable items are always readily available, even in a crisis situation.

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Water DIY

The Water DIY project is hoping to design a do-it-yourself sanitation station that their partner community will be able to recreate themselves. The station will include necessary elements for personal hygiene that can be set up when running water is not available. It will provide a shower and washing sink as well as a privacy curtain.

Completed Projects

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WaterStep is a new project proposed in the Fall 2020 semester. The goal of WaterStep is to partner with a local cleaning company to provide clean drinking water to local communities. This includes applying chlorination techniques to clean the water, as well as reliable monitoring, storage, and safe distribution of drinking water to the stakeholders. The project is currently at its early phase of planning and design, and a finalized solution will be presented in 20Q4. 

Past Project Partners


Louisville, Kentucky

Kurtis Daniels, WaterStep Partner